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It is perfect. The UbiDuo 2 SGD is so easy. I emphasize -use it everyday!

Roger Romero

Denver, Colorado



It is perfect. It is nice for me to benefit from using the UbiDuo 2 SGD anywhere.

Gayle Vantrease

Waco, Texas

I am thrilled that I am able to communicate with my family members! I finally get to know this person and using UbiDuo 2 SGD is really cool.

Katherine Knuth

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Now my life has became much easier with UbiDuo 2 SGD!

Catherine Varner

Big Bear Lake, California

Finally, My tax person and I communicated using UbiDuo 2 SGD. It was really a breeze to communicate with him.

Suzanne Norship

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Now my life has became much easier with UbiDuo 2 SGD!

Catherine Varner

Big Bear Lake, California

Now my life has became much easier with UbiDuo 2 SGD!

Catherine Varner

Big Bear Lake, California

Finally, I am able to communicate with my grandchildren freely. This means a lot to me.

Kelly Ross

Pollock Pines, California

Life after this is amazing. It is so free and independent. I can schedule an appointment and go anywhere with this!

Tamara Merwin

Orange County,  California

My department has been involved in using UbiDuo 2 at the hospital for about 4 years now. We have found it to be quite efficient, cost-effective, and helps us greatly with our need to communicate…

Pat Traeger

Director of Radiology

I used it frequently for staff meetings or converse with my co-workers. It saves so much more time than writing back and forth or sending emails.

Lorrie Shank

Operational Research Analyst

If it had not been for the UbiDuo,  I don’t think hiring Steven won’t be possible. We have been able to communicate with it quickly, effectively, and precisely.

Lois Symington

Executive Director

The reason I liked it is that it has saved us a huge amount of money on interpreter costs.

Charles Phillips

Director of Fulton Medical Clinic

My experience with UbiDuo has been great for conversations with people, for example: We have had many agencies come here to visit the facility and we show them the UbiDuo. Most of the time, they are amazed by it..

Stevin Amonett


I meet with customers a lot. I used UbiDuo to communicate with clients to discuss their customer needs.

Vicki Sasser

Procurement Specialist at Department of Defense

I use the UbiDuo very often at my school. The UbiDuo is very useful for communicating with hearing students.

Noah Buccholz

Deaf Student at Princeton University

I use it when I need to talk to John (Deaf employee) about performance evaluations or training and development or anything he needs to talk to me about.

Dana Simmons

Supervisor, William J. Clinton Presidential Library

I felt so isolated without the UbiDuo, my communication was limited, but with the Ubiduo I could type in more information, share my personal experiences, my recommendations, do my training and list other ideas..

John Slaughter

Digital Image Technician, William J. Clinton Presidential Library

We use UbiDuos in different ways. Most offices use it on front desk to help with initiating communication with clients or potential cleints, with people who come in asking questions about services, wanting some help, or to set up an appointment with a counselor and so on.

Sheila Hoover

State Coordinator for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

It’s quite clear and it’s like having a deaf to deaf dialogue. With sign language interpreters, misunderstanding sometimes happen. It’s pretty cool.

Camille Atkinson

Rehabilitation Counselor at Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation