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UbiDuo Markets

Where Is UbiDuo Used?
sComm has taken face-to-face communication to an electrifying new level with the UbiDuo. Made in the U.S.A., the next-generation UbiDuo communication device enhances the interaction between people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing, creating life changing results. The UbiDuo delivers 100% communication equality between deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing users non-stop, 24/7/365, no matter what environment they’re in: Corporate, Government, Education, Medical, Emergency, or Personal. With its revolutionary sleekness, lightweight design, and easy portability, the UbiDuo allows for full face-to-face accessibility in any situation.

The UbiDuo eliminates barriers and frustration — and most importantly —Communiphobia. This first-of-a-kind device not only eliminates communication barriers but invigorates face-to-face interaction between deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people. One employee who uses the UbiDuo said, “Having sign language interpreters present at group meetings or special workshops is extremely important to me to ensure that I don’t miss out any communication.

The UbiDuo also boosts face-to-face communication for me with anyone, anytime while I’m working on my own.” “UbiDuo is perfect for me especially when I need to interact with my boss on a daily basis rather than have to wait till a scheduled interpreter arrives maybe twice a month in order to communicate with my boss. By having both the sign language interpreters and UbiDuo to communicate with peers, this ensures full communication access 24/7/365!” Based on the many positive testimonials that reach sComm, like the one above, the UbiDuo has become the ubiquitous and most desirable face-to-face communication solution for the deaf and hard of hearing.

How Can It Impact You?

The UbiDuo will transform the way deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing individuals interact with each other. The UbiDuo can help increase the number of face-to-face encounters between an individual who is deaf and one that is hearing from zero to as many as 30 times a day. As communication barriers are broken down, deeper relationships are formed. Businesses and agencies that use the UbiDuo to service deaf and hard of hearing patrons gain new-found customer loyalty, as do those with deaf or hard of hearing employees. sComm has received stories and testimonials from UbiDuo users who have been promoted in their jobs as result of the increased communication that the UbiDuo provides. Businesses and agencies have reported increased business as result of making the UbiDuo available.

The UbiDuo meets federal regulations and requirements, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), that ensure no individual with a disability shall be treated differently due to the absence of auxiliary aids and services. Most importantly, the UbiDuo empowers non-stop face-to-face communication anytime, anywhere for anyone.

Vocational Rehabilitation
The UbiDuo is utilized for the most important mode of communication, face to face. Many times employees, students, and individuals that are looking for ways to communicate better don’t realize that they can go to their local Vocational Rehabilitation office and talk to their counselor about the desire to get a UbiDuo. Vocational Rehabilitation is focused on maximizing the capability of employment for their client and the UbiDuo allows people to be able to have unlimited face to face conversations with their co-workers and supervisors.

If you are a client and want to know the steps in obtaining a UbiDuo, this is what we recommend.

1. Research a little bit about the UbiDuo. Call our deaf customer service line at 816-527-8339 for a representative to share additional information.

2. Have a job or be looking for a job.

3. Bring the information to your counselor and sit down with them. Tell them why you want the UbiDuo. When you explain why you want the UbiDuo, remember that VR is focused on supporting employment not personal needs so be mindful of that.

4. Don’t forget to follow up with your counselor on a regular basis until a decision has been made. Often your counselor has to get support from their supervisor to purchase you the UbiDuo so be patient but persistent.

5. IF your counselor says NO, and you disagree with them, you have a right to appeal. The process is very simple. Get the reason in writing and go to your local CAP (Client Assistance Program) and share with them that you were unable to get a UbiDuo through VR. If you don’t know how to do this, you can always call us and we will be able to help you find the information.

6. If your counselor says yes, be sure to keep them updated on how the UbiDuo is helping you in your job every once in awhile. This helps counselors be more open-minded about options for deaf and hard of hearing people.

The most important thing is, do not give up! Your ability to communicate everyday is very important.

Setting up a UbiDuo in the work site ensures that employees or managers who are deaf or hard of hearing are no longer deprived of the opportunity to talk with their co-workers. They can now share information at the water cooler!

The UbiDuo can be put to use in many different settings: job interviews, quick conversations with a supervisor, impromptu meetings and working groups where an interpreter cannot be arranged at short notice or very short conversations.

We have received numerous reports from people who credit the UbiDuo for developing competency on the job through interaction with other people and even getting promotions.

UbiDuo Experiences

Peter Downey had been with Sam’s Club in Overland Park, KS, for 13 years in the same position with no promotion opportunities. He felt he had to stay in the same job to be safe because he had no way of communicating with his hearing peers. Without the power of face-to-face communication, he was trapped and couldn’t easily seek new job opportunities the way his hearing co-workers could.

In the past year since Sam’s Club obtained an UbiDuo, his work environment changed dramatically. He was able to have conversations with co-workers, members, and managers.

Sharon Orlopp, vice president of People Division of Sam’s Club, explains, “The biggest advantage is that it levels the playing field for communications. The UbiDuo literally opens doors for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Our biggest success story is Peter Downey, our employee in Overland Park, KS. Peter has been promoted several times since the UbiDuo came to his club. He is now a member of management.”

Cindy Castegnaro uses the UbiDuo to communicate with co-workers at Three Rivers, an independent living center in Wamego, KS. “After using the UbiDuo in a group meeting, I feel that I know what is going on and happy that I am not missing out as I did before. It is easy to use and worth the price!”

The UbiDuo has been purchased by schools, colleges, and universities and put to use in a wide range of settings.

It gives students the freedom to communicate with people in various departments, i.e., financial aid, admissions, etc.

The UbiDuo is widely used in counseling centers, as it allows students to talk more quickly and in private with a counselor without a sign language interpreter. Students feel more comfortable communicating one-on-one with the UbiDuo.

The UbiDuo is a great tool for co-op jobs, because it can be used anywhere on campus. It also can be used for one-on-one tutoring, group tutoring or work group sessions with classmates.

UbiDuo Experiences

At the Utah Valley University, its Career Services & Student Employment (CSSE) department purchased and distributed 14 UbiDuos for departments throughout the university as part of its strategy direction plan.

“Several UVU students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing have already successfully used the UbiDuo in counseling sessions, job interviews, and for on-campus employment. The UbiDuo can be used for staff meetings and when desiring to communicate with staff at the front desk of Career Services & Student Employment. In addition, a student who is deaf recently used the UbiDuo successfully during a job interview.”

“CSSE feels that the UbiDuo is a valuable communication tool that puts UVU ahead of the curve in providing an open and accessible campus to all UVU students.”

Greg Carrier, a graduate student working towards his Master of Arts degree in medieval history in Edmonton, Canada, says, “UbiDuo has reinforced my independence and flexibility because it provides a more natural method of communicating with hearing people.”

He recalls an incident with a colleague at a major medieval studies conference. “One evening, she asked me if I had any information to share with her regarding my research, books to read, and so on. This was at about 9 pm; we ended up talking until very nearly 4:30 the next morning before we finally realized what the time was. We’ve gone on to become very good colleagues and close friends since.”

Medical Solutions
What would you do if you were in a life-threatening situation and unable to communicate? Wait hours for an interpreter? That’s not the solution and it’s a very dangerous solution.

With the UbiDuo 2, there’s no need to wait for an interpreter to arrive to get an immediate diagnosis for your patients. Many hospitals have deployed the UbiDuo in their departments to have a barrier free face-to-face conversation on the spot.

The UbiDuo’s wireless standards don’t depend on WiFi, it has its own peer to peer wireless network. The UbiDuo is also safe to use around hospital equipment and won’t cause any interference like a WiFi device could.

UbiDuo Experiences

Callaway Community Hospital in Fulton, MO, purchased a UbiDuo to serve their patients who are deaf. The hospital had faced communication issues involving deaf or hard of hearing patients and staff who cannot sign. The hospital had on-call interpreters, but patients sometimes had to wait an hour or more.

John Graves, CEO of Callaway Community Hospital, explains, “If we can make life easier for one deaf person, it’s an investment that’s worthwhile.”

Lisa Clark, nursing unit director, says, “From our standpoint, it’s making our job much easier. We’re able to communicate quickly, easily.” The hospital uses the UbiDuo in the emergency room, the obstetrics department, the medical/surgical unit, the intensive care unit, and the Fulton Medical Clinic associated with the hospital.

Meets Legal Requirements For Communication Access

UbiDuo can meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other laws that ensure no individual with a disability shall be treated differently due to the absence of auxiliary aids and services.

UbiDuo has become a life-saver in many medical settings, especially when an interpreter cannot be obtained quickly. It enables the deaf or hard of hearing patient to talk with their doctor privately without any misunderstanding or miscommunication.

UbiDuo has also been used with hearing patients who have temporary or permanent disabilities, including speech-impaired and stroke patients who can hear and can type but cannot talk.

Social Settings

Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing family members are able to use the UbiDuo to know each other better at family gatherings. Awkward social situations are solved – by using a UbiDuo! Talk to friends, participate in social situations, family affairs, and get to know your neighbors! Deaf and hard of hearing people no longer feel excluded, and hearing people can now communicate. Everyone is involved. Everyone wins!


UbiDuo Experiences

Clois James in Temecula, CA, purchased a UbiDuo to enable her deaf son, Dana Papa, to communicate with family members. “It is wonderful for us to know that we can easily communicate with Dana, and also, feel more confident that each party will understand what the other is trying to say. Many times before, both parties would think they had understood the other, only to find out later that one or both misunderstood.”

“I cannot find a word to describe our joy and relief to see Dana and his family finally be able to communicate freely after waiting 50 years. For us, his parents, to watch the joy on the faces of all the family, to hear them express it in words and actions, and to see Dana be able to spend several hours doing nothing but communicating with the family was an incredible experience. It was his ‘time to talk’ and no notepad needed.”

Ashleigh Smith in Houston, TX, explains that the UbiDuo is a valuable tool in one’s toolbox of choices in communicating with the hearing world. It’s ideal for “one-on-one” situations where a skilled sign language interpreter is not necessary.

Smith purchased a UbiDuo to communicate with doctors, friends and families, job interviewers and while on the road. “After having many conversations on the UbiDuo for almost two years, I visualize myself as a hawk in flight – after being tethered to the confines in communication with the hearing world. I define communication not only as the exchange of words, but also the exchange of personality.”

“While the paper-and-pen method allows for communication, this method does not suit someone who is intellectual, who wants to go beyond the simple things in life such as where did one go to college, what was one’s major, where is one’s favorite place to eat… and the examples are endless.”


Business Solutions

A 24/7 Accessibility Solution

The primary focus of sComm, a strong advocate for “simultaneous communications,” is to enable people to communicate directly without communication barriers.

The UbiDuo provides an accessibility solution that eliminates communication barriers between deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people. The UbiDuo meets federal regulations and requirements, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), that ensure no individual with a disability shall be treated differently due to the absence of auxiliary aids and services.
Based on the many positive testimonials that reach sComm, the UbiDuo has become one of the most desirable accessibility solutions available in the assistive technology industry.

We’re Here to Help You

Our experienced sComm sales team can analyze your situation, identify communication barriers and help resolve the issues. We have successfully delivered the UbiDuo solution in both public and private sectors, including local, state and federal government offices. We have worked with agencies to provide solutions or enhancements to the UbiDuo product.

Selecting the right equipment such as the UbiDuo is only part of the solution. We also provide the training needed to help you incorporate the UbiDuo into your daily routine, activities and programs.

How Can It Impact Your Business?

The UbiDuo is perfect for businesses and agencies to use as part of the daily routine in servicing deaf and hard of hearing patrons, or those with deaf or hard of hearing employees.

The UbiDuo can:

  • Increase patron and employee comfort/satisfaction
  • Increase number of encounters
  • Eliminate frustration and misunderstandings
  • Be used on the spot for unscheduled or unexpected situations
  • Be used with minimal training
  • Help ensure customer and employee safety
  • Meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements

Who Uses the UbiDuo?

This is a list of where the UbiDuo is having a positive effect:

  • Agencies
    • City government
    • State government
    • State Commission/Division/Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing
    • Federal government
    • U.S. military
    • Dept of Health & Human Services (DHHS)
    • State Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Assistive technology (AT) centers
  • Education
    • Disability/sign language services
    • K-12 schools
    • Colleges and universities
  • Emergency
    • First responders
  • Medical
    • Audiologists
    • Hospitals
    • Speech-language-hearing associations
  • Private Sector
    • Businesses/corporations
    • Hotels
  • Public Sector
    • Deaf centers/social service agencies
    • Independent living centers
  • Workplace
    • Human resources
    • Equal employment opportunity (EEO)
    • ADA compliance coordinator
    • Work Force centers
    • WISE
    • Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS)
  • Individuals
    • Purchase for personal use