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Enhanced Security- Deaf Communication Device- SGD



The standard UbiDuo2 allows conversations to be saved by either Chat Partner, and is set to communicate to other paired UbiDuo devices via our wireless peer-to-peer network.

With the Enhanced Security Option, functions like Save Chat and Wireless Communication can be set or re-set by the Administrator using a password.

All Users will be able to continue to utilize the UbiDuo to communicate – without a password – but the UbiDuo will function as set by the Administrator.

The Save Chat feature can be Disabled for one or both halves of the UbiDuo.  This feature could protect confidentiality of previously saved conversations, and restrict who could save a conversation to or copy conversations from the UbiDuo unit.

The wireless communication feature can be set to Disabled.  This feature could improve the security of private communication and allow the devices to be connected by a 6-foot cable for utilization in an area where wireless transmissions may not be appropriate.

Please contact us at info@sComm.com for more information on Enhanced Security.