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Overview / 7 Steps of the Medicare

Our UbiDuo 2 Speech Generating Device (SGD) is covered by Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance. We can help you navigate through the process to secure coverage for the UbiDuo 2 SGD by guiding you through the easy steps and completion of required documents. One of our Communication Access Advisors who is either hearing or deaf will be assigned to your case and you will be able to count on their knowledge and experience to work with you and take you through every step of the way.

You also have the option to complete your packet online. You can reach one of our Communication Access Advisors to help you get started online. It is easier than you think to complete the process.

1. Contact One of Our Hearing or Deaf Communication Access Advisors

You can reach one of our Communication Access Advisors by phone, video phone, or email to begin the process of getting your UbiDuo 2 SGD through Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance.

2. Obtain Doctor Prescription/Speech Language Pathologist Referral

You can either visit or call your doctor to request for an SLP referral. Before your doctor can write you the prescription, he or she must have a report from the SLP certifying that you have a communication need.

3. Consult an SLP

Your Speech-Language Pathologist will conduct a Speech Generating Device evaluation to determine your communication needs. The SLP will help you complete the required documentation to get coverage for the UbiDuo 2 SGD. Our Communication Access Advisor who is assigned to your case will help you during this step in the process. Once the evaluation with the SLP is completed, the report will be submitted to your primary doctor who will write the prescription.

The Communication Access Advisor will provide you a list of approved Medicare Speech Language Pathologists who are authorized to provide you the required evaluation.

4. Complete Physician Prescription after SLP Evaluation

After completing the evaluation with your SLP, you or your SLP will need to forward a copy of the speech evaluation to your physician. The physician will need to complete and sign a prescription and complete any state Medicaid required forms. It is also recommended to ask your physician to write a letter of medical necessity and provide documentation of your most recent Face to Face.

5. Verify & Finalize Packet to Medicare/Medicaid/Private Insurance

Verify and finalize the sComm packet. Turn it into your Communication Access Advisor assigned to your case. The packet will be submitted to insurance for approval.

Once the packet has been turned into your Communication Access Advisor, he or she will keep you updated till there is an answer given in regards to getting your UbiDuo 2.

6. Approval

Medicare/Medicaid/Private Insurance will inform the Communication Access Advisor on the status of your packet with Approval or Denial. If your packet is approved, we will provide you the shipment details of the UbiDuo 2 to your address.

7. Ship/Training

We will process the shipment of the UbiDuo 2 via FedEx to be delivered to your address. Once you receive the UbiDuo 2, your Communication Access Advisor will set a time to train you how to use it via video phone or phone.