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12 Month Financing Plan – Purchase UbiDuo 2

Are you an individual looking for a way to purchase a new UbiDuo 2?   Take advantage of our 12 month financing plan!  Simple, easy and convenient, we will even pay for shipping to your location as a part of your financing plan. This is how the plan works; to start the...

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UbiDuo 1 grows up, into UbiDuo 2

sComm has come a very long way since that life changing day with my dad.  It started out as my father trying to communicate better with me as his son, and has now evolved into a company whose mission is empowering those that are deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing. ...

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Desire To Communicate – sComm CEO Jason Curry

Not Only Deaf and Hard of Hearing Have a Desire to Communicate But Hearing Do Too  By  Jason Curry, CEO As some of you may, or may not, know I was born profoundly deaf.  Despite it, or because of it, I learn something new every day. I meet many people all over the...

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